Tuesday, September 22, 2020


A Problem Solver

I have read all the reports on the Sperry Lane housing controversy. Included in the reports were the opinions of two candidates for mayor, “Big” Steve Tracey and Joe Carfora. It is clear that both candidates are opposed to the project. However, only Tracey has proposed an actual solution.

Big Steve has proposed buying the land back for open space and working with our state senator and state representative to obtain state grant funding to purchase the land. I think this is an admirable goal and a great solution. The benefits of this land will last for years to come.

East Haven has a very strong delegation representing our issues in Hartford. It makes sense to work with our state leaders to preserve this property as open space. Big Steve has not only been a strong opponent to this project, he has thought outside the box to craft a solution.

East Haven faces many challenges. Moving forward, having a strong advocate will be important. However, I believe solutions really matter.

My vote on election day is for “Big” Steve Tracey. He is not only a strong voice, he is clearly a problem solver.

Joe Piccirillo
East Haven