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Saturday, June 03, 2023


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Clinton Person Of The Week

Person of the Week • Published May 30, 2023 12 pm

Tabatha Black: For the Love of Business

In an effort to increase cooperation and advocate for the needs of business owners in town, Tabatha Black started a networking group that seeks to make its presence felt ...
Person of the Week • Published May 26, 2023 07 am

Estabrook Breaks School Javelin Record for Morgan Track

Records are meant to be broken, and that’s exactly what junior Morgan track star Robby Estabrook did on April 18 at East Hampton High School. Robby broke the school recor...
Person of the Week • Published May 23, 2023 01 pm

Davis Walker: A Drive to Help VSAWL

Like many high school kids, Davis Walker is fascinated by cars. Unlike many high school kids, Davis is turning that fascination into charity by organizing a car show on S...
Person of the Week • Published May 16, 2023 07 am

Marcy Fuller: Keeping an Eye on History

“I just really like learning the history of things,” Marcy Fuller says. It’s a quality that has served her well as the president of the Westbrook Historical Society. Marc...
Person of the Week • Published May 11, 2023 07 am

Matt Johnson: A Passion for Film

To celebrate the diverse heritage and talents of Old Saybrook students, an international artist came to town and painted a mural. Matt Johnson, a graduate of Old Saybrook...
Person of the Week • Published May 02, 2023 08 am

Maurice a Difference Maker as St. Mary’s College Lacrosse Commit

Grace Maurice is still chasing goals—literally and figuratively—as she heads into the home stretch of her time at Cheshire Academy. As of April 28, the lacrosse star and ...
Person of the Week • Published May 02, 2023 08 am

Mallory DePalermo: Getting With the Program

When it comes to finding a way to support the kids and families of Westbrook, Mallory DePalermo, the program coordinator for Westbrook Youth and Family Services (WYFS), i...
Person of the Week • Published Apr 26, 2023 08 am

Dylan Walter: Compassion for All

Last year, Dylan Walter was informed about one of the top issues facing Clinton: the high rate of suicide in town, particularly among young men. To help combat the issue,...
Person of the Week • Published Apr 18, 2023 08 am

Lisa Anderson: Providing a Boost

The music programs of the Westbrook Public Schools have delighted audiences and provided opportunities for countless students over the years. To help support those progra...
Person of the Week • Published Apr 11, 2023 07 am

Iris Dunham: Walking for Mental Health Awareness

Last December, Morgan School senior Iris Dunham decided that she wanted to do some kind of event to raise awareness about the importance of mental health. Five months lat...
Person of the Week • Published Apr 06, 2023 06 am

Brett Martin: Telling the Story

When Clinton resident Brett Martin sat down to write his senior thesis, he thought he was just completing one last college assignment. Instead, Brett ended up turning his...
Person of the Week • Published Mar 30, 2023 07 am

Matthew Capece: Meet the New Tech Guide

“When I was younger, I definitely basically lived in the library,” Matthew Capece says with a laugh. It’s fitting then that now that he’s older, Matthew has a job as Henr...
Person of the Week • Published Mar 21, 2023 07 am

Chris Morgan: Behind Public Access TV

Have you ever missed a local event such as a high school game or town meeting only to catch the replay on Valley Shore Community Television (VSCTV)? One of the people res...
Person of the Week • Published Mar 17, 2023 07 am

Julie Mendez: Looking Forward to Graduation Night

Every year, Morgan School graduates are treated to one last hurrah as a group on graduation night, thanks to Project Graduation. With three months remaining until graduat...
Person of the Week • Published Mar 10, 2023 07 am

Nye Dominant as Country-Leading Tight End for Muhlenberg Football

Finding a sport you love at a young age and constantly improving your game all the way to the collegiate level isn’t something you see every day, especially when changing...
Person of the Week • Published Mar 07, 2023 06 am

Charlene Best: Serving Her Community

Whether it’s teaching middle schoolers science or being president of the Clinton Lions Club, Charlene Best is committed to serving the Clinton community. Five years ago, ...
Person of the Week • Published Mar 05, 2023 06 am

Nancy Morin: Preparing for the Next Chapter

“It’s going to be a new chapter in my life, that’s for sure.” Recently, Nancy Morin was voted to be the next president of the Old Saybrook Rotary Club. While she might no...
Person of the Week • Published Feb 23, 2023 10 am

Laurie Watrous: Supporting the Community Through Business

Supporting local businesses is the primary goal of the Clinton Chamber of Commerce. One of the people who help make sure that goal is met is Administrative Assistant to t...
Person of the Week • Published Feb 14, 2023 08 am

Peg Farley: Finding Rewards in Homework

You could call Peg Farley the “go-to” person when it comes to working with kids in Old Saybrook. Peg, a registered behavior technician, is the director of the Homework Cl...
Person of the Week • Published Feb 09, 2023 08 am

Karyn O’Beirn: A Focus on Supporting Morgan’s Seniors

Every spring, high school seniors obsess and stress over college applications. In Clinton, the person helping guide those seniors is Karyn O’Beirn. By job title, Karyn is...
Person of the Week • Published Jan 31, 2023 10 am

Lynn Hidek: A Legacy of Service

Editor’s Note: At the time of publication, Lynn Hidek intended to step down from the Board of Police Commissioners in February. She has since decided to remain on the...
Person of the Week • Published Jan 24, 2023 08 am

Hannah Stella: Supporting the Community with the OS Chamber

If an advertisement for an Old Saybrook Chamber of Commerce event has caught your eye in recent months, it’s all thanks to Hannah Stella. Hannah joined the Chamber as the...
Person of the Week • Published Jan 11, 2023 05 pm

Baker Shines Both on and Off the Strip as Senior Captain for Morgan Fencing

The Morgan Huskies co-ed fencing team started their season on Dec. 1, with one notable fencer being in the last season of his high school career. Senior captain Oliver Ba...
Person of the Week • Published Dec 28, 2022 09 am

Scott Giegerich: Let the Lights Shine

This fall, it finally happened: Old Saybrook High School athletes took the field for games under the lights. Watching it happen was Scott Giegerich, a longtime Board of ...
Person of the Week • Published Dec 21, 2022 10 am

Max Sabrin: Giving Back is in His DNA

In order to give back to a community that has given him so much, Max Sabrin has made serving Old Saybrook a top priority. "I just do what I do,” Max says. Having lived in...
Person of the Week • Published Dec 14, 2022 09 am

Saturno Gaining New Perspective as Morgan Boys’ Soccer Coach

The Morgan boys’ soccer team had a familiar face on the sideline this past fall. David Saturno, a former Morgan soccer star who graduated from high school in 2019, return...
Person of the Week • Published Dec 14, 2022 09 am

Abby Piersall: Helping Make Plans for Clinton

Growing up in neighboring Madison, Abby Piersall says she was curious about Clinton. “Growing up right next door, I always thought Clinton had a lot of strong qualities,”...
Person of the Week • Published Dec 08, 2022 09 am

Steve Rowe: The Cutting Edge

Steve Rowe’s varied career includes stints as the manager of a camera shop, a wedding photographer, a deliveryman for a linen company, a personal trainer, and an Essex St...
Person of the Week • Published Nov 25, 2022 12 pm

Brittany Eckert: Behind the Scenes and Making it Happen

In her junior year of college, Brittany Eckert began interning at the Old Saybrook Youth and Family Services department. Now, Brittany still serves the town as the preven...
Person of the Week • Published Nov 09, 2022 09 am

Nathan Clements: Called to Serve

“Growing up as a pastor’s kid I never thought I’d also be a pastor,” Reverend Nathan Clements says. Well, not only did Nathan become a pastor, he’s now officially the pas...
Person of the Week • Published Nov 03, 2022 02 pm

Jennifer Donahue: Spreading the Word

Whether it’s telling people about an upcoming town event or promoting a local business, Old Saybrook’s Director of Economic Development and Communications Jennifer Donahu...
Person of the Week • Published Oct 26, 2022 08 am

Mike Knudsen: Guiding the Way

Guiding development is one of the most important — and most tricky — jobs faced by small towns. As a member of Clinton’s Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC), Mike Knudse...
Person of the Week • Published Oct 19, 2022 08 am

Lamar LeMonte came to the Old Saybrook Historical Society (OSHS) with a background in advertising. Now, he serves as the OSHS’ director of publicity.

For some, one of the appealing things about living in Old Saybrook is the connections to the past that can be found all around town. As a member of the Old Saybrook Hist...
Person of the Week • Published Oct 17, 2022 12 pm

Miranda Making a Fast Impact as a Freshman

Vincent Gallo Special to Harbor News There’s one aspect about playing soccer that drives Emiliano Miranda above anything else. As a freshman on the Morgan boys’ soccer t...
Person of the Week • Published Oct 12, 2022 08 am

Lyndsey Robinson: Full Circle to HCH

Ten years ago, Morgan School senior Lyndsey Robinson got her first job: working as a shelver at the Henry Carter Hull Library. Now, 10 years later, Lyndsey is back workin...
Person of the Week • Published Oct 05, 2022 08 am

Nicki Korman: For the Dogs

If you’re a local dog owner chances are you’ve taken the pup to play at Bailey’s Dog Park. The park is routinely cited as one of the best dog parks in the shoreline area...
Person of the Week • Published Sep 28, 2022 08 am

Patricia Norcia: For the Love of Horses

Patricia Norcia has two great passions in her life: performing arts and horses. Last month, she combined them when she trained horses for a performance in an opera, the ...
Person of the Week • Published Sep 21, 2022 08 am

Paul Winch: Keeping it All Balanced

Keeping a watch over finances is one of the most important jobs a person can have. Whether its in his role as the chairman of the Board of Finance (BOF) or chairman of th...
Person of the Week • Published Sep 14, 2022 08 am

Rev. Dr. Todd Yonkman: Making Connections

“I had a sense of calling to be a minister at a local church 26 years ago and now here I am,” Reverend Dr. Todd Yonkman says. As the reverend at the First Church of Chr...
Person of the Week • Published Sep 08, 2022 12 pm

Sears Excited to Start Tenure as Morgan’s Athletic Director

On the heels of a satisfying career of playing, coaching, and gaining an overall appreciation for sports, Meagan Sears is beginning her tenure as the new Athletic Direct...
Person of the Week • Published Sep 07, 2022 08 am

Emily Kelsey: Clinton’s Teacher of the Year

When Emily Kelsey was younger, she wasn’t interested in was teaching. “It’s kind of funny. I didn’t want to be a teacher because my mother was one, and I saw how hard sh...
Person of the Week • Published Aug 31, 2022 11 am

Zingarella Makes Key Contributions to Huskies’ Playoff Run

There are no guarantees for a baseball player to continue in the game once their time in high school is finished. Many athletes see their careers come to an end with that...
Person of the Week • Published Aug 31, 2022 08 am

Rev. Jeanette Cooper Hicks: A Commitment to Hope, Peace, and Justice

Starting Sept. 11 Reverend Jeanette Cooper Hicks will be the new pastor at the First Congregational Church of Westbrook.
Person of the Week • Published Aug 19, 2022 02 pm

Powers Made a Great Call to Return to Coaching

Keith Powers thought that his coaching career was coming to a close in 2018 after having coached baseball, football, and basketball for more than 35 years. However, a fe...
Person of the Week • Published Aug 17, 2022 08 am

Ben Eaves: Forward on a Nonlinear Path

“I think one thing that’s cool is that I have nonlinear path,” Ben Eaves says. From growing up in the U.K. and coming to the U.S. to play college basketball to five year...
Person of the Week • Published Aug 13, 2022 11 am

Goodale Pitching His Way to Stellar Season in the Horseshoe Pits

Clinton resident Mark Goodale is emerging as one of the most prolific players in the Deep River Horseshoe League (DRHL). A member of the league for several seasons, Mark ...
Person of the Week • Published Aug 10, 2022 08 am

Carolyn Lyle: Bless These Pets

Carolyn Lyle is helping spread the word about the First Church of Christ in Old Saybrook.
Person of the Week • Published Aug 03, 2022 08 am

Nick Webb: Making Clinton a Better Place

Nick Webb has only been a Clinton resident for about two years. In that short time, he’s become dedicated to preserving its natural beauty as a member of the conservatio...
Person of the Week • Published Jul 29, 2022 01 pm

Fritz Plays with Passion for Two Packs of Huskies

Brady Fritz has a thirst for competition running through his veins whenever he’s on the baseball field. A recent Morgan graduate who’s competing for the Clinton Huskies 1...
Person of the Week • Published Jul 27, 2022 08 am

William Neale: Peace Corps Bound

William Neale heads to Uganda next week with the Peace Corp.