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Real Estate Transactions for Feb. 25


211 East Main Street Unit 40: Lawrence Rogers to Lawrence Rogers, $100,000 on Feb. 3

45 Jefferson Road Unit 9: Thomas Ferriaolo to Vedran Josic, $80,000 on Feb. 2

278 Jefferson Woods: Kyle R. Miller to Cynthia Knapp, $185,000 on Feb. 3

34 Knollwood Drive: 2011 Schwab FT and Patricia Schwab-Mooney to Michael R. Mortali and Sarah R. Ardito, $338,000 on Feb. 2

43 Orchard Hill Road: Ryan and Janice Whitney to Massimo Liguori, $211,500 on Jan. 29

141 Peddlers Drive: Adam Bogdan and Nikolett Kocsis to Suzanne N. Lacroix, $226,000 on Feb. 2

124 South Montowese Street Unit 2: Eleanor Doyle to Lesley A. Tamulevich, $239,900 on Feb. 4

124 South Montowese Street Unit 5: Lisa and William Wexler to George Baldwin and Tracy Belanger, $249,900 on Feb. 2

2 Sundance Drive Unit 2: Anthony J. Cipolla to Mobiland, LLC, $65,000 on Feb. 2

40 Thimble Farm Road: Estate of Anthony A. Papa and Donald W. Anderson to Marc J. and Bonnie A. Fafard, $605,000 on Feb. 4

122 Watch Hill Road Unit 122: Sally A. Tucker to Bhoumesh and Priyanka Patel, $250,000 on Jan. 29

N/A Lot 28: Blair and Patricia Merola to Maria and Ciara O’Donnell, $144,000 on Feb. 2


123 West Main Street: Danielle L. Gunther to Jonathan Keltaj, $400,000 on Feb. 2

22 Waterhouse Lane: Ronald K. Woodward to Patrick J. and Catherine R. Cahill, $630,000 on Jan. 28


44 Central Avenue: Marisa Gady to Eugene B. Stabile and Heather B. Gilluly, $310,000 on Jan. 28

29 Christina Court: Marietta Milner to Daniel W. Lofgren, $360,000 on Feb. 3

21 Elmwood Way: Michael Buccieri to Meena Puri-Singh and Shivendra Singh, $350,000 on Jan. 28

7 Hammock Parkway: Estate of Anthony P. Vitarelli and Stephen Vitarelli to Kenneth M. and Linda B. Skoglund, $310,000 on Feb. 2

20 Indian Drive: John J. and Martine M. Ozycz to Ora Capital Group, LLC, $679,800 on Jan. 28

26 Partridge Lane: US Bank NA Trust to Cristina Augusto, $265,000 on Jan. 28

3 River Road: Tracey P. Cuoto and Jaclyn Martinelli to Shayla Ranmal and Charles T. Suppies, $207,332 on Feb. 4

3 River Road: John Pascale FT and Jaclyn Martinelli to Shayla Ranmal and Charles T. Suppies, $103,667 on Feb. 4

49 River Road: John C. Hoefferle LT and John C. Hoefferle to Jamie L. Barnabei, $298,000 on Feb. 2

16 Slocum Road: Douglas E. and Brenda L. Vynalek to Nicholas A. Gilliland and Abigail R. Dunlap, $231,000 on Feb. 4

57 Uncas Road: Edward J. and Cheryl C. Niland to Robert and Susan Levy, $659,000 on Feb. 3

17 Wigwam Street: Joshua B. Gottfried to Susan B. and Maurice C. Barksdale, $510,000 on Feb. 3

N/A: Renten Holdings, LLC, to George B. and Susan J. Carpenter, $130,000 on Jan. 29

East Haven

31 Ann Street: Vincent E. Mase to Rebco Property Management, LLC, $100,000 on Feb. 5

97 Bennett Road: 97 Bennett Road, LLC, to Lauren A. Radomski, $322,450 on Feb. 3

6 Birch Lane Unit E: Tracy Williams to Charles Comstock, $102,000 on Feb. 5

46 Caroline Road: Roger P. Parisi to Gene and Sophie Kim, $569,000 on Feb. 3

385 Coe Avenue Unit 3: Ralph J. DiCaprio to Paula A. Nazzaro, $145,000 on Feb. 4

708 Laurel Street: Christian and Kristaliz Cordero to Colyn Lowrey and Lisa Finnegan, $280,000 on Feb. 4

98 Morgan Avenue: Estate of Oscar Colegio and Brenda Banuelos to Ling Ma and Brian P. Wasielewski, $700,000 on Feb. 5

9 Mountain View Terrace: Jose Rivera to Barbara A. DiMaggio and Shawn W. Carlson, $200,000 on Feb. 3

30 Silver Sands Road Unit 14: Ania Raffone to Joseph and Ramona Reynolds, $259,000 on Feb. 3

230 Thompson Street Unit 309: Michael Perricone to Ann M. Anastasio, $134,000 on Feb. 3

237 Warner Road: Peter J. and Melissa E. Juliano to Graham Payton and Megan Peyton, $305,000 on Feb. 3


9 Book Hill Road: Thomas A. Walsh and Madeline C. Romano to Caitlin C. and Christopher R. Gould, $695,000 on Feb. 5

26 Deep River Road: Zdon & Associates, LLC, to Joshua and Morgan Painter, $190,000 on Feb. 2

Dogwood Drive: Shawn F. Osinski LT and Shawn F. Osinksi to David and Judith Surette, $539,000 on Feb. 3

171 Main Street: FHLM to Jonathan G. Warner, $160,000 on Feb. 5

20 Rachel Lane: Philip P. Levatino and Gerald Labriola to Aimme and Matthew Heins, $317,500 on Feb. 5

85 River Road Unit M6: W.L. Schieferdecker RET and W.L. Schieferdecker to William H. and Joan D. Todd, $225,000 on Feb. 5


30 Barker Hill Drive: Jolanta Maryanska to Katherine L. and Patrick R. Kiely, $405,000 on Feb. 3

5 Copper Ridge Circle Unit 5: Eve Ostrowski and James Samaschin to Robert B. and Shelley T. Boyd, $240,000 on Feb. 2

156 East Gate Road: Nancy S. and Arthur G. Aery to Hani Dimas and Soubhi Toma, $405,000 on Feb. 5

2534 Long Hill Road: Jeremy and Kamila Brettman to Michael F. and Christina P. Colandrea, $510,000 on Feb. 2

98 Shore Drive: Richard T. Haddad to Ryan Zipp, $243,500 on Feb. 2

154 Soundview Road: John J. Herold to Shannon Clark, $299,000 on Feb. 3

215 Sperry Drive: Michael and Patricia Bohan to Cecchi Group, LLC, $325,000 on Jan. 29


53 Chittenden Road: Dwight P. Johnson to Michele L. Jones, $206,500 on Feb. 2


85 Hartford Avenue: Ezra D. Levine RET and Ezra D. Levine to Michael V. and Stephanie Greco, $1,100,000 on Feb. 5

58 High Hill Circle: Clark Street Properties, LLC, and Edward G. Matthews to Peter S. Amenta, $850,000 on Feb. 4

229 Hunter Hill Road: Andrew J. and Barbara J. Lucibello to Vincent M. Engingro, $490,000 on Feb. 4

279 Legend Hill Road Unit 279: Sharn Ahern and Catherine L. Elliot to Gail and Paul A. Taylor, $295,000 on Feb. 4

22 Lyle Drive: Catherine A. and Mario Darosa to Claria and Michael Kennedy, $517,000 on Feb. 4

98 Stone Road: Andrew and Candlan Carbutti to Marc and Joyce Vanderleeden, $700,000 on Feb. 5

38 Winding Road: Anderson Brothers RE, LLC, to Mark Russell, $306,000 on Feb. 3

North Branford

10 Ashley Park Drive: Jeffrey and Lauren Perinetti to Clifford D. and Michele Hill, $380,000 on Feb. 2

13 Circle Drive: Anthony C. Bergeron to Sopheak Tang, $261,000 on Feb. 4

6 Lea Road: Paul J. Puglisi to Lawrence and Cynthia Rogers, $255,000 on Feb. 3

38 McMahon Lane: James K. and Debora L. Dunlop to Tyler Turel and Alicia Nunez, $439,000 on Feb. 3

North Haven

140 Bayard Avenue: Israel Zaltz and Steven Berkowitz to Kate L. Hoffman, $355,000 on Feb. 3

15 Bishop Street: Jennifer Baker to Edward T. Baker, $220,000 on Feb. 3

20 Cloudland Road: Estate of Sophie Damutz and Ann Jones to Frank W. and Lisa M. Greco, $245,000 on Feb. 2

2 Crestview Drive: Donald P. and Beatrice Deloge to Patrick T. and Rachel E. Mason, $515,000 on Feb. 3

32 Green Field Lane: Gazzillo FT and Clement J. Gazzillo to Yichao Yang and Guangyuan Cai, $495,000 on Feb. 2

45 Hartley Street: Kary Koullias to Samuel Rodriguez, $170,500 on Feb. 4

2 Pool Road: Jonathan May and Richard E. Tabor to Gladys E. Rumbaoa, $369,900 on Feb. 4

17 Upper State Street: Gayle C. Maynard to Amber Dionne, $234,000 on Feb. 4

20 Whitney Ridge Terrace: Timberlake Properties, LLC, to Sarah A. Jolly, $380,000 on Feb. 2

Old Saybrook

16 James Court: Robert and Lynn M. Halsted to Ashley Halsted, $725,000 on Feb. 3


7 Autumn Ridge: Launa J. and Erik Erne to Maurice C. and Barbara A. Bafumi, $506,000 on Jan. 25

69 Christina Lane: Gary W. Davis and Barbara L. Turner to Norma and Stephen Delara, $485,000 on Jan. 29

158 Dennison Road: Estate of Bruce S. Spash and Whitehead & Munson Associates to Carlos and Carmen Sanchez, $245,000 on Jan. 20

170 Dennison Road: James E. Keating and Robin K. Ketchale to Amy Lotring-Shaw and William R. Shaw, $42,000 on Jan. 22

176 Dennison Road: James E. Keating and Robin K. Ketchale to Amy Lotring-Shaw and William R. Shaw, $42,000 on Jan. 22

732 East Pond Meadow Road: Renee Routher to Edward J. Munch, $271,500 on Jan. 7

17 Ez Street: 17 Ez Street, LLC, to Ez Street Rehab, LLC, $160,000 on Jan. 6

5 Fairway Lane: Elaine A. Wells to M. Ferrara Development, LLC, $110,000 on Jan. 14

13 Portside Drive: Paula Robinson to Anibal S. and Manuela M. Freitas, $425,000 on Jan. 5

209 Salt Island Road: 209 SIR Realty, LLC, to Francine Pastore, $1,150,000 on Jan. 7

58 Seaside Avenue: Harry E. Benham to Christine E. Toufexis, $310,000 on Jan. 11

79 Wesley Avenue: Peter Gonsalves to Emily A. Niland, $272,500 on Feb. 4

94 Wesley Avenue: JGEC, LLC, to Christopher D. and Doreen T. Howe, $355,000 on Jan. 20

84 Westbrook Heights Road: James P. and Terri A. Wilber to Carl E. Anderson, $285,000 on Jan. 11

149 Westbrook Heights Road: Edward M. Newman to Nancy Antone, $170,000 on Jan. 19

5 Whittemore Place: Brian MacLachlan to Joshua and Suzanne Ehrlich, $570,000 on Feb. 2

68 Winterberry Circle: Rajendra G. and Jayshree R. Patel to Michael Moreau and Erin Corcoran, $555,000 on Jan. 21

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