Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for June 1


10 Broad Hill Circle: Heartwood 2, LLC, to Shivakumar B. and Anitadevi Nadgouda, $440,000 on May 11

230 County Road: Tracy A. Smith to Sam Mandel and Carole Asher, $355,000 on May 8

10 Granite Road Unit 10: FHLM to Louis J. Guerrera, $45,010 on May 12

89 Marshall Avenue: Charles Robertson and Tami E. Kutz-Robertson to Gail E. Sturges and Paul J. DiLeo, $715,000 on May 12

120 North Fair Street: Bernadette M. Forget RET and Elizabeth M. Forget to Bernadette M. Forget, $379,958 on May 9

120 North Fair Street: Bernadette M. Forget RET and Elizabeth M. Forget to Bernadette M. Forget, $29,542 on May 9

7 Northview Drive: 762 Wadsworth Street Associates to Justin and Michelle LeBlanc, $403,000 on May 10

144 Old Sachems Head Road: Pamela J. Brown and Village Capital & Investment, LLC, to Village Capital & Investment, LLC, $271,995 on May 9

382 Old Whitfield Street: Shirley W. Mack to Ian D. and Anahi V. Odell, $630,000 on May 8

64 South Hoop Pole Road: Frank Corsini and Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Freedom Mortgage Corp., $206,700 on May 11


49 Avon Road: Mark H. Adams to Robin and Melissa Brewer, $254,000 on May 12

3 Brocketts Point Road: Lisa Corey to Christina M. Tremonte, $290,000 on May 8

684 East Main Street: Terry Brettman to 684 East Main Street LLC, $182,500 on May 11

22 Elizabeth Street: Estate of Anthony A. Papa and Donald W. Anderson to Marc J. and Bonnie A. Fafard, $445,000 on May 9

104 Laurel Hill Road: Kulwinder and Elzina Singh to Michael A. and Tracey E. Mauro, $320,000 on May 8

49 Pent Road: John and Michael Ferguson to Joseph K. Lane, $255,000 on May 9

112 Pine Orchard Road: Brent and Michelle L. Snider to Aisha Sethi, $655,000 on May 8

10 Russell Street Unit 10: Jennifer Reynolds to Arthur DiGioia, $73,000 on May 11

3 Stonegate Unit D: James A. Dalessio and Jennifer Falorni-Dalessio to Nancy L. Strampach, $138,000 on May 8

24 Toole Drive: Estate of Janet C. Anderson and Karl R. Anderson to Maryanne L. Hall, $254,000 on May 8

5 Waverly Road: A Mark Deyoanna and Johanna Foley to Christopher and Kathi Traugh, $380,000 on May 8


483 Bartlett Drive: Stephen P. Natusch and Kathleen M. Decker to Britteny K. Garner and Zachary J. Hollback, $580,000 on May 1

72 Beechwood Drive: Sail Rock, LLC, to Timothy P. and Deborah A. Conway, $225,000 on May 1

54 Buck Hill Road: Michael K. and Erika Reen to Gaetano Milazzo and Julia Smith, $670,000 on May 4

271 Durham Road: Michelle L. Martinelli to Colin E. Callaghan, $354,900 on May 2

92 Genesee Lane: Darren J. and Jill A. Kramer to Bryan T. and Caroline Danna, $515,000 on May 4

52 Hull Road: Lynn Taylor to Joseph G. and Lauren K. Laporta, $432,600 on May 1

34 Lenore Drive: Mark F. and Cheryl L. Miller to Matthew Ainey-Gordon and Jennifer Gordon, $640,000 on May 3

606 Opening Hill Road: Vlad and Laura Zaha to Johannes and Ann K. Zaaljer, $455,000 on May 2

195 Summer Hill Road: Gail Faithfull to Matthew Plantier and Lauren A. Fasano, $337,320 on May 4

241 Summer Hill Road: Heather H. and Nathaniel B. Atwater to Katherine Nelson and Benjamin Heller, $507,000 on May 1

North Branford

76 Circle Drive: Salvatore L.T. and Lorraine Salvatore to Alpesh R. and Sima A. Patel, $218,000 on May 11

1988 Middletown Avenue: GM Manguilli Builders, LLC, to Marisa L. Gualitieri, $227,500 on May 10

335 Reeds Gap Road: Estate of Doris S. Breuler and Paul E. Whitaker to Angela Boyle and Clifford Poole, $166,500 on May 8

67 Squire Drive: Achilles E. and Doreen M. Generoso to Charles W. Atmore, $323,500 on May 9

23 Sunnyside Drive: Michael L. and Gwenn A. Damico to John L. and Pamela S. Kimberly, $295,000 on May 10

79 Wood Chase Lane: Kevin Powers to Jeffery F. and Virginia A. Tagliatela, $414,000 on May 9

East Haven

130 Coe Avenue Unit 45: Louis Gentile to Paula Hydock, $54,000 on May 8

279 Grannis Street: VIN LLC to Keyonna Black, $233,000 on May 8

107 Laura Lane: Larry and Luann Brown to Wendy Chase, $164,000 on May 8

2 Mansfield Grove Road Unit 166: Antonio Mauro to Heather Green, $212,500 on May 8

140 Thompson Street Unit 2C: Peter and Karen Blake to Shaniya Tripp, $119,500 on May 5

183 Thompson Street Unit C: USA HUD and Ben Carson to Susann Assner, $71,000 on May 4

North Haven

13 Bleeker Circle Unit 109: RAL North Haven, LLC, to James W. and Jayne K. Harris, $309,100 on May 12

10 Coventry Circle: Frank and Cathy A. Fusco to Ralph and Carmela Fusco, $240,000 on May 10

96 Spring Road: Jason Camassar to Nam V. Ha and Kim C. Nguyen, $160,000 on May 10

430 State Street: Edward Goglia to Ridgehill Real Estate, LLC, $900,000 on May 11

16 Weaver Circle: Michael A. and Lisa A. Salvo to Ronald F. Gill, $222,500 on May 10

N/A: Shepard T. Stevens to Arlen and Eileen H. Stabbe, $295,000 on May 12


5 Stanton Road: Reverse Mortgage Solution to Sahdev Keshwala, $122,000 on May 11


82 Captains Drive: Robert M. Garneau to B&M Real Estate, LLC, $1,400,000 on May 12

42 Dennison Road: Margaret A. Young to Brian D. Carr, $255,000 on May 8

1281 Horse Hill Road: Richard G. Sweet to Andrew J. McIsaac, $228,000 on May 10


9 Lovers Lane: Eric V. Rice to Steven J. and Linda R. Shellnutt, $220,000 on May 11

47 Mill Farms Road: Susan E. Dufel to Keith A. and Kori S. Jackson, $645,000 on May 10

473 Route 148: HSBC Bank USA N.A. Trust to Raymond Narducci, $136,774 on May 9


24 Middlesex Avenue: Lynn B. Porter to Derek L. and Denise A. Huckel, $215,000 on May 9



18 Carol Drive: William J. and Lisa J. Benincosa to Bruce and Kristin Rock, $550,000 on May 8

8 Chestnut Street: JECM Investments, LLC, to Douglas A. Kneeland, $235,500 on May 12

5 Crosstrees Hill Road: Peter and Rita Coppolecchia to Michael E. and Nancie A. Xirinachs, $440,000 on May 8

Dennison Road: Corporate Row Associates, LLC, to Revolve, LLC, $160,000 on May 8

16 Navy Lane: FHLM to Jacquelyn H. Nelson and John F. Carr, $280,000 on May 8

Old Saybrook

111 Fenwood Drive: Robert B. Skeele to Bernard and Joanne Galli, $637,000 on May 12

12 Wood Pond Lane: Eric G. and Barbara J. Neilsen to Christopher R. and Amanda M. Colamussi, $391,500 on May 12

N/A: Mary DeAngelo to Sherry Downey, $130,000 on May 10

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