Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Krupp Builds a Foundation Through Football


Jimmy Krupp made All-SCC for the Guilford football squad as a junior last year.

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Krupp

Jimmy Krupp made All-SCC for the Guilford football squad as a junior last year. (Photo courtesy of Jimmy Krupp)

Football is more than a sport to Jimmy Krupp. It’s an endeavor that has helped Jimmy grow just as much as a young adult as it has as an athlete.

Jimmy, who is entering his senior year of high school, has lined up as a defensive tackle throughout his career with the Guilford football team. Jimmy began his career on the gridiron playing flag football until the 4th grade, after which he started playing tackle football. Jimmy says that he’s grown by leaps and bounds in many ways, while growing up around the game.

“I started playing flag football as a kid, which my dad got me into. I loved the sport since day one,” says Jimmy. “As soon as I started playing tackle football in the 4th grade, I knew it was something that helped me mentally and physically. Football has also taught me life skills that I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else.”

Guilford showed signs that it has the potential to become a legitimate contender in the Southern Connecticut Conference last fall. Jimmy will always remember when the team edged out crosstown rival Branford in its season opener.

“I would say my favorite thing from last season was getting better every day and accomplishing goals that seemed too hard to beat at first,” Jimmy says. “If I had to choose a favorite moment from last season, it would be the Branford game. It was the first game, and most of us never started a snap on varsity before. We were down at halftime, but something sparked, and we were able to fight back with a 20-19 victory.”

Jimmy, who’s 6-foot-3 and 285 pounds, made the All-SCC Tier 3 Team for his performance as a nose guard last season. Head Coach Anthony Salvati says that the senior was one of the anchors of Guilford’s defense in 2019.

“When Jimmy’s in the game, he demands a double team from the opposing offense. Teams have a real tough time running the football between the tackles when Jimmy’s in the game,” says Salvati. “He’s looking to play football at the college level and has been in contact with several teams thus far.”

While he’s only worked with Salvati for a year, Jimmy credits his coach for helping him flourish on the football field. Jimmy knows that Salvati is someone he can always trust and go to whenever he needs help.

“My relationship with Coach Salvati is what all athletes should have with their coaches,” Jimmy says. “Over the past year, I learned to trust his decisions and communicate with him on certain topics. He is someone I can talk to and ask questions to. He also is able to push us as athletes and make us become better people on and off the field.”

Jimmy dedicates a lot of his free time to refining his football skills and is a fixture at the field all year long. Jimmy does a variety of exercises and plenty of homework in order to improve his abilities.

“I try to go to the turf or field, even if it’s alone. I just work on technique,” says Jimmy. “I like to watch videos of pro players or college players to learn new pass-rush or run-stop moves to apply into my game. One of my biggest things I like doing is watching some of my film from last season to see what I did wrong to work on it and become better.”

Even when he isn’t playing football, Jimmy likes to stay active. Jimmy often takes long drives with his friends and family and also enjoys doing yard work around the house.

“Most of the time I don’t like to sit still in one place, so going on drives is something I enjoy doing,” Jimmy says. “I also like doing things outside and being able to help people in my family with things they need done.”

At the end of the day, football remains Jimmy’s biggest passion. Jimmy knows that playing football has helped him build a foundation of values that will benefit him throughout his entire life.

“I think football is more than just a game. It shows determination, hard work, and being able to create a bond as if your teammates were your family all along,” says Jimmy. “Football shows you new ways to think that others will never be able to see.”

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