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Bradbury, Jr., Comes Home to Coach Freshman Hoops


David Bradbury, Jr., is taking on the role of freshman coach for the Valley Regional boys’ basketball program this season. Bradbury was a star for the Warriors before graduating in 2015. Photo courtesy of David Bradbury, Jr.

David Bradbury, Jr., is taking on the role of freshman coach for the Valley Regional boys’ basketball program this season. Bradbury was a star for the Warriors before graduating in 2015. (Photo courtesy of David Bradbury, Jr. )

David Bradbury, Jr., is coming back to Valley Regional to take the reins as the freshman coach for the Warriors’ boys’ basketball program. David enjoyed a decorated career while playing hoops for four years at Valley. Now, David is looking to instill the same work ethic that he displayed throughout his career in the Warriors’ young players.

David was motivated to get into coaching by his desire to mentor the kids in the program. David is approaching his role as coach seriously and wants to be a positive role model for his athletes.

“I think more than anything, I have a love for this game that goes beyond all boundaries,” says David. “I respect and cherish the fact that a mentor, coach, or teacher can have a profound effect on student-athletes today, and that’s a responsibility that I take seriously. That’s why I wanted to start coaching.”

David made an impact in a variety of ways while playing for Valley from 2011 to 2015. David became a great player by dedicating himself to his craft, and that’s something he’s quite proud of.

“When I played, I developed an all-around game. As a player, I don’t think there was an aspect of my game that I left out,” David says. “I think that’s the dream of any basketball player. I think as a coach you have to respect that talent is talent and never turn away guys who are talented. But that’s the dream of most players—that you can work hard to achieve what you want.”

Most of all, David feels proud about how much he improved as a result of his hard work while competing for the Warriors.

“I take pride in the fact that I was never given anything. I worked extremely hard to accomplish the goals that I wanted to,” says David. “I was never the most talented. I was never the strongest, the tallest, or the biggest. But if I worked hard and studied the game, I could be the best player on the floor that day.”

After David graduated from Valley, he went off to play college ball at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. David initially made it on to the team as a walk-on and became integral part of the squad as his collegiate career evolved.

“I played for four years at Franklin Pierce University. Playing at the collegiate level was a dream of mine, and I achieved that goal,” David says. “I was a recruited walk-on, which means I didn’t earn a scholarship right away. By the time I was a junior, I had a full scholarship, and I was a captain my senior year.”

David feels incredibly passionate about the game of basketball. Before he started coaching the freshmen at Valley, David worked with his younger sister Abigail to help her become a better player.

“I think one of the biggest passions I have in life is helping my little sister, who’s 14 years old, develop as a basketball player,” says David, who lives in Deep River. “I really enjoy helping her develop. I think that’s another one of my greatest passions now. I want to see her achieve the dreams she has.”

Valley Regional boys’ basketball Head Coach Kevin Woods believes that David will provide a huge boost to his program. After a spot opened up for a new freshman coach this season, Woods knew exactly who he wanted to come in to help the Warriors.

“I knew David had just graduated, and I reached out knowing what he’s meant to our program,” Woods says. “He had interest in the position, and you can’t get a better person than David Bradbury in that position. He knows what we do and what we’re about on and off the court. Most nights, David was the most talented player on the court, because he worked so hard.”

David feels appreciative of the time that he spent playing for Valley Regional. As he begins his coaching career, David is eager to help the next generation of Warriors make progress on the court.

“Although I worked hard and my career was successful, my time is over now. I dedicate a lot of time now to teach my boys the right way to play the game, how to win, and how to play and love the game of basketball,” David says. “I’m very appreciative for the opportunity here. I work hard every day to be the best coach that I can be. We had a great run for many years, and I want to build up the program once again.”

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