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Dymarcik Happy to be Back with East Haven’s Competition Cheer Squad


Olivia Dymarcik worked hard to get back on the mat for the East Haven competition cheer team as a junior this year. Photo courtesy of Olivia Dymarcik

Olivia Dymarcik worked hard to get back on the mat for the East Haven competition cheer team as a junior this year. (Photo courtesy of Olivia Dymarcik)

Olivia Dymarcik has enjoyed her experience of being a cheerleader in East Haven since the 6th grade, although she had to deal with a setback as a sophomore last year. After making the Yellowjackets’ competition team in her freshman season, Olivia didn’t make the cut when she was a sophomore.

“My freshman year, I worked hard and was average, but on the competition team. But sophomore year, I ended up not making it,” says Olivia. “I ended up losing some of my tumbling my sophomore year.”

It was difficult for Olivia to sit on the sidelines while her team competed, but she worked hard during the offseason to increase her chances of making the team this year. Now a junior, Olivia is back on the squad and can’t wait to cheer alongside her teammates once again.

“Last year, not being on the team and able to compete, I saw how much I missed doing it. I wanted to be on the mat, so that really motivated me to work harder so I could put myself on that mat again,” Olivia says. “This year, I improved everything in general. I knew I had to work hard if I wanted to be on the competition team. From then until now, I’ve grown as a person, and that has really helped my confidence.”

Head Coach Michelle Maru sees the energy that Olivia is bringing to the Easties this season. Maru says that Olivia gives a tremendous effort to make the team’s routines as clean as can be.

“Olivia is a strong base with a great work ethic and even better attitude. This year, we have really seen her push herself more than ever,” says Maru. “Last season she had a slump with her tumbling, and this year she came back determined to regain her tumbling and even make it better than it was before. Olivia is an extremely coachable athlete who leads by example, which motivates the team to work hard.”

Olivia does whatever she can to lead the Yellowjackets as a junior. She always wants to be there for her teammates both on and off the mat.

“I like to help out the underclassmen if they need help with new stunts or anything. I like for them to look up to me,” Olivia says. “I want them to talk to me, whether it’s about cheer or whatever they’re going through. I want them to feel like I’m a big sister and I can be there.”

Now that she’s competing again, Olivia is looking forward to the Hatterfest Cheer Competition that will take place at Danbury High School. The meet will mark East Haven’s first competition of the season, and Olivia feels eager to get back out there.

“It’s our first one, so it gets us prepared for what the rest of the season is going to be like and makes us feel better about our routine,” Olivia says. “It’s stressful at first, but we try to keep positive attitudes, so we can go out and do our best.”

As much as Olivia loves the competition season, she also enjoys cheering at East Haven’s football and basketball games. Olivia likes to encourage her fellow Yellowjackets while they’re competing, in addition to performing in the halftime show.

“I definitely like cheering for the teams a lot. It’s nice knowing we get to support them and are able to help them play the games and have confidence in themselves,” says Olivia. “When we prepare for the games, we have to go over our cheers and make our halftime routine. It’s stressful, but we remember that’s basically what we have to get ready for. It’s a good time for us to prepare and be ready for competitions. It’s why we work so hard.”

Olivia is excited to be back in action with the East Haven cheer team this year. She says that her primary goal is fostering unity in an effort to see success.

“I definitely want to place good in competitions,” Olivia says. “That’s how we boost our confidence in each other.”

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