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Clinton Memorial Day Parade and Ceremonies Return for 2022


While last year’s Memorial Day services (pictured) were kept small, the town this year intends on a full public parade and ceremonies. Photo by Phil Sengle

While last year’s Memorial Day services (pictured) were kept small, the town this year intends on a full public parade and ceremonies. (Photo by Phil Sengle)

For the first time in two years, Clinton’s Memorial Day Parade is back. The parade starts at 11 a.m. on Monday, May 30, and will run from Post Office Square to the lower green.

The parade is organized by the American Legion and the VFW. All Clinton veterans have been invited to partake in the parade. Interested participants can call organizer Joe Diedrich at 203-901-0945. Wreath-laying ceremonies will take place around town beforehand. No uniforms are required for the parade or wreath-laying ceremonies. Participants will gather at 10:40 a.m. for parade lineup.

Wreath laying ceremonies will be conducted at the following times and locations:

8:55 a.m. Beaverbrook Cemetery

9:15 a.m. Clinton Police Dept.

9:30 a.m. St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery

10 a.m. Town Hall Monument

10:10 a.m. Indian River Cemetery

10:30 a.m. Clinton Fire Dept/Indian River Bridge

In case of inclement weather, a Memorial Day Ceremony will be held in the Clinton Town Hall Auditorium at 11 a.m.

While many folks may think of Memorial Day as a long weekend that marks the unofficial beginning of summer, Diedrich said it’s important to remember the actual meaning of the day is to honor those made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

“It’s our chance to show our debt and gratitude to those who have gone before us. And while it’s meant to honor those who passed away, it’s still a chance to honor the veterans still here,” said Diedrich.

Due to COVID-19, the parade was canceled in 2020, and in 2021 the organizers held a small service with no publicity to keep large crowds away. Diedrich was excited to say that now the organizers can draw a big crowd as in years passed.

“The last couple of years we were encouraged to keep things small but nobody has said that to us this year so we’re saying come all!” said Diedrich. “Having gone to a few events this year I get the district impression people are ready to go out again so I’m hoping we have a good turnout.”

Diedrich said that the organizers are still looking for more veterans to march in the parade. Diedrich said all local veterans are welcome.

“As many veterans as we can get to march with us would be great. We see way too many on the sidelines cheering us on, but we want them to come march with us,” said Diedrich. “We hope a lot of people come out to welcome us back with a bang!”

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