Sunday, September 27, 2020

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Some Power Restored in Madison, Officials Criticize Eversource Response

Around 2,000 households had their power restored overnight, according to data on Eversource’s website, as the town moves slowly toward restoration and clearing four days after Tropical Storm Isaias swept over the state.

A little more than 50 percent—more than 4,300 households—were still without power Friday morning, Aug. 7, according to Eversource’s website. First Selectman Peggy Lyons said “limited crews” were in town Thursday night into Friday morning, working with local emergency response teams to clear roads and get power back on.

Around 30 roads are still blocked in town, according to Lyons, with work continuing on through the weekend.

Eversource announced yesterday that it aimed to “have restoration substantially complete” by midnight on Tuesday, Aug. 11, with many more crews arriving from out of state today.

Many local officials and state legislators, including Lyons and State Senator Christine Cohen (D-12), have expressed frustration with Eversource and the response to Isaias, with Lyons saying she was “totally outraged” and calling the situation “unacceptable,” while Cohen penned a scorching letter to Eversource President and CEO James Judge questioning the company’s preparation and investment in emergency response.

“There is no excuse why Eversource cannot provide better services to consumers, especially in light of a well-predicted tropical storm,” Cohen wrote.

The town has opened an emergency shelter at the town gym for showering, water, and charging of electronic devices, and opened the Daniel Hand High School locker rooms as another location for residents to shower.

Potable water is available at the town gym, Daniel Hand, and Brown Intermediate School,

Additionally, Lyons announced last night that the Senior Center will also be open as a shelter 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday through Sunday, Aug. 7 to 9, exclusively for seniors aged 65 and older, with Internet, showers, and air conditioning available to those residents.

Anyone at any shelter must wear a mask and practice social distancing, Lyons said.

The town is also moving the District 1 polling center for the upcoming Tuesday, Aug. 11 primary from the Senior Center to Polson Middle School. In-person polling will still take place for that election despite the storm, with the District 2 polling location remaining unchanged at Brown Intermediate School.

Residents who have absentee ballots are asked to drop them off at the state-provided drop box in front of town campus.

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