Friday, May 20, 2022


On the Precipice

“If you build it, they will come.” Rays for Rams is rapidly reaching its realization to illuminate the playing field for Friday night lights. We have been supported so solidly that the time has come to solicit the final opportunities to meet our $150,000 fundraising goal.

We had always believed, as do at least 200 other community members (and the support is growing daily) that the legal and regulated opportunity to play under the lights would be met by unabated enthusiasm. We have raised almost $120,000 in four short months and your readers’ resounding support will allow all of us to cheer on our Rams in an experience that will be indelibly etched in every athlete’s mind once given the chance to compete in a night game.

We don’t want people to miss out on their opportunity to show their support to this amazing, overdue dream that is on the precipice of reality. Personalized commemorative bricks will continue to be an avenue of support until Tuesday, March 1. contains our story, a photo gallery, and additional final donation opportunities. We hope readers will join these businesses and more than 190 other donors who have already contributed and look forward to our first contest.

The following have generously contributed significant donations that we are characterizing as Gold, Silver, and Bronze level sponsorships, with contributions from $2,500 to $25,000: From You Flowers, Department of Police Services, anonymous matching donation, All Waste, the family of Dan Grace, Saybrook Resort Marina & Spa, Pasta Vita, Sarette Builders, the family of Peter and Diane Rothman, Boats Inc., Ace Hardware, and 190-plus individuals donating cash and purchasing personalized commemorative bricks.

Selectman Scott M. Giegerich

Alan R. Hyla

Co-Chairs, Rays for Rams

Old Saybrook

Alan R. Hyla serves on the Board of Education.