Sunday, November 28, 2021


Reasoning, Moderation, and Empathy

I am proud to support and endorse Tim Chamberlain as a very qualified candidate for the Guilford Board of Education (BOE) in the Nov. 2 election. Tim has researched and carefully considered the needs of Guilford school children and all of the many vital issues facing members of the BOE.

During a personal conversation with Tim just prior to the primary, he eloquently made his case to me about our students and the Guilford Public Schools. I was impressed by his thoughtful comments and understanding of such topics as maintaining the educational excellence of our schools and fiscal responsibility, among others. He is not focused exclusively on the hot-button issue of Critical Race Theory. Tim has definitely earned my vote based upon his level-headed reasoning, moderation, and obvious empathy for all Guilford school children.

I encourage your readers to cast their votes for Tim Chamberlain for the Guilford BOE in the upcoming election. He is an excellent candidate and will serve the community well and with dedication.

Mark Lahner