Saturday, January 23, 2021


Connecticut at a Crossroads

I thank all the people of Madison for allowing me to be their representative in Hartford over the past nine years. It has been an honor and hopefully I lived up to the trust they put in me.

Next week’s election is an important one, obviously for our country, but for small suburban towns like Madison, too. I’ve worked hard to be residents’ voice in Hartford but also to work with other legislators who want to move Connecticut forward. I’ve worked to help provide equal opportunities for every child and family, to encourage support for small businesses, and to try to get our state on a better fiscal path. There is much to do but it’s important work.

There has been a noticeable change in direction since the election of 2018. Initiatives that expand state control of our schools, zoning regulations, and public safety should be concerning to us all. Party affiliation appears to be driving too many votes instead of our constituents needs.

I decided to run again because as I’ve said to all, Madison and Durham are worth fighting for. Connecticut is at a crossroads and local control is in jeopardy. So today, I ask again for your readers’ support, their trust, and their vote. Together we will preserve what we love about this town.

State Representative Noreen Kokoruda (R-101)

Incumbent Republican Noreen Kokoruda is seeking re-election on Nov. 3.