Saturday, January 16, 2021


Called to Serve

In 2018, in the face of growing social and economic challenges and widening political divides, I felt called to serve and stepped up to run for state representative here in the town where I was born and raised. We ran an inspired, passionate, creative campaign that went into an unprecedented recount—and despite winning here in Madison, ended up coming just 18 votes short across the district.

I was so proud of that race and grateful to have earned the support of my community. In these last two years, as I’ve further laid my roots in Madison—marrying the love of my life, buying our first home, and taking on new community service positions—I’ve been reminded time and again of the widespread desire for change and hope for a brighter future. A future where healthcare is never in doubt, where students and schools and teachers come first, where seniors receive the support they deserve, and where our economy works for all. And if 2018 taught us anything, it’s that this change isn’t just needed—it is, indeed, possible.

We’re all tired of the divisive, finger-pointing, partisan politics of the past and eager for something new. The people of Madison deserve leaders who will bring us together, help us heal, and stand up for our future. That’s what I aspire to be, and what I believe voters will choose up and down the ballot as they make decisions based on facts, actions, and values.

I’m deeply thankful to our community for its thoughtful and careful consideration of my campaign, and I’m inspired by the resilience and unity it has demonstrated over these difficult months. I feel so lucky to be from and to live in Madison, and I look forward to continuing to serve my community, whatever happens next week.

John-Michael Parker

John-Michael Parker is seeking the 101st Assembly District seat on the Democratic, Independent, and Working Families party lines.