Saturday, September 25, 2021


Relief During Trying Times

In March, we found ourselves in the unenviable position of being laid off and furloughed. We were surprised, confused, angry, and worst of all, uncertain of what lay ahead. We needed to pay our bills as it doesn’t take long for them to pile up. We filed for unemployment as we were instructed and hoped to receive our checks in a timely fashion.

Several weeks passed and still no confirmation from the state. Fortunately for us, State Representative Dave Yaccarino (R-87) heard that we were both out of work and called us to inquire as to our situation. We told him we were weeks into our claims but had received no money to date. We told him that the attempts we made to contact the State Department of Labor produced nothing. The phone just kept ringing and no one answered.

Within days of speaking with Dave, we received a call from the State Department of Labor Unemployment Office. Deposits were immediately made and have continued uninterrupted. Representative Yaccarino provided us with encouragement and much-needed relief during these trying times. Dave even assisted several of Madelyn’s coworkers who had suffered similar experiences.

We cannot fully express our gratitude to Representative Yaccarino and will be voting proudly for Dave on Nov. 3.

Michael and Madelyn Sola
North Haven