Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Never Bows Down

As Ella Grasso’s daughter, it is no surprise that I am a staunch Democrat. When it comes to state and local elections, though, I always vote the person. In the race for the 23rd District, I will proudly be splitting my ticket and casting a vote for Devin Carney.

In my conversations with Devin, it is clear to me that he cares deeply about the people he represents, regardless of their political affiliation. Like my mother, he is independent-minded and never bows down to political pressure. He wants seniors and families to be able to afford to live in Connecticut. He wants our local public schools to be the best they can be so that every kid in the district can succeed. He has a passion for our environment and has stood his ground on issues to protect it, sometimes being the only Republican to do so.

In this crazy political climate, we could use a lot more people like Devin. He’s caring, committed to our community, and always there to listen. I hope voters—Democrat, Republican, unaffiliated, and others—will join me in casting a vote for our state rep, Devin Carney.

Susane Grasso
Old Saybrook