Saturday, September 25, 2021


Makes Things Right

My family and I grew up in North Haven so have known State Representative Dave Yaccarino (R-87) most of my life. Dave was always well liked, friendly, and a good-natured person.

My story involves the assistance that Dave provided to my daughter with special needs. During these very stressful times, my daughter was laid off from her job at Goodwill due to COVID-19 and filed for unemployment. She filed the necessary paperwork and waited patiently for at least eight weeks for a Department of Labor response, knowing that a vast number of people were applying for unemployment assistance.

My daughter knew she was entitled to some type of unemployment assistance. Her phone calls to the Department of Labor led nowhere. The process was time-consuming and frustrating for her so as her mother and advocate, I stepped in to help.

We both felt overwhelmed and defeated. Fortunately, I had the thought to contact our state representative, Dave Yaccarino, for assistance.

Rep. Yaccarino contacted the Department of Labor and determined exactly what information they needed from my daughter. He returned every phone call and kept us informed no matter what the day or time. Within a very short time, she was awarded her compensation.

We need people like Dave who can put themselves in our position and make things right.

My daughter and I were so grateful that Dave Yaccarino took this on and followed it all the way through. My daughter was so thankful she personally wrote Dave a note of appreciation all on her own.

Anita Rupley
North Haven