Saturday, January 23, 2021


Does Not Hesitate

I support Norm Needleman for re-election to the State Senate. As our senator in the 33rd District, Norm Needleman has demonstrated a genuine concern for his constituents and has worked well with his Republican colleagues for the public good.

He has provided regular updates about the COVID-19 pandemic to educate the public and to encourage prevention measures. As a senior, I personally found these reports reassuring and helpful, especially last spring when we knew so little about the virus. Senator Needleman has demonstrated leadership on other health and safety concerns as well. During the special session of the legislature in July, Senator Needleman voted for greater access to the absentee ballot to ensure that all eligible voters could vote safely in the November election. This change was necessary to protect our health as well as our right to vote.

Senator Needleman also voted to place a cap on the cost of insulin during the special session, preventing price gouging by pharmaceutical companies. This vote protects his constituents who have suffered financial hardship with the high cost of medication. Senator Needleman seems to understand that no one should have to decide between buying groceries or having the medication they need. Finally, Senator Needleman, criticized by some for his vote on police accountability, demonstrated his concern for public safety by voting for improved policing measures.

One thing is clear, Senator Needleman does not hesitate to do what is right when it involves the health and safety of the people he serves. He has courage and integrity, as well as compassionate leadership. We need legislators committed to our health and safety. That is why I’m voting for Senator Norm Needleman for re-election.

Judith Stelboum
Old Saybrook