Thursday, June 24, 2021


Truly Understands the Concerns

In my opinion, Connecticut is not just a wonderful place to live, it’s the best place to live. We enjoy four beautiful seasons, beaches, mountains, cities, suburbs, antiquity, and modern convenience—we have it all.

However, the price of enjoying this standard of living rises every year. Living in Connecticut becomes less and less affordable. State pension costs and operating expenses increase exponentially year after year. State spending is out of control.

The property and income taxes that pay for this spending are depleting the resources of too many Connecticut citizens. People are vacating the state in droves to avoid the high cost of living here.

The time is now for fiscal sanity. We need a representative who understands us and lives the way we do, not someone who enjoys two taxpayer-funded salaries in addition to an extremely lucrative personal career. Brendan Saunders is that person. [State Senator Norm Needleman (D-33) also serves as Essex first selectman and founded Tower Labs, LTD.]

Brendan was raised in Westbrook and lives in Clinton with his family. He understands the logistics of balancing personal obligations with a very busy and fulfilling life. In his vocation as a corporate director and his avocation as a pastor, Brendan truly understands the concerns of Connecticut families. He will work for us and with us to create an affordable Connecticut. We need to do better. We need Brendan Saunders as our state senator.

I encourage your readers to join me in giving him their support and their votes in November.

Carol D. Walter

Republican Carol Walters serves on the Town Council.