Sunday, September 20, 2020


Honest, Conscientious, and Bipartisan

I’m pleased to endorse Christine Cohen for her second term as our 12th District state senator. I know her as a wonderful parent, friend, and a tireless representative in Hartford of our shoreline interests. Christine and I have consulted on a variety of environmental issues; she’s helped me serve as an informed co-chair of the Environmental Ministry Team at First Congregational Church, Guilford these last four years. I admire her wealth of knowledge about environmental, educational, small business, and health policy. As co-chair of the Legislature’s Environment Committee for two years, Christine has helped craft more than 62 environmental bills, many of which will ultimately become laws in our state and benefit her constituents.

What impresses me most about Christine is she works not only for her constituents, but for all people in Connecticut. She recognizes that the burdens of air and water pollution fall disproportionately on communities of color and lower-income communities as a result of long-standing racist policies and that we need broad structural changes to correct these injustices. One of her legislative priorities has been to update the state’s environmental justice law, passed in 2008, and woefully in need of expanded measures to prevent communities from being inequitably impacted by carbon emissions, pollution, and COVID-19. Her platform also includes cutting income taxes for seniors on social security and pensions, addressing unfair prescription drug costs, encouraging minority-owned businesses, stemming the opioid crisis, and promoting sensible gun legislation.

Christine has proven in Guilford and in Hartford that she’s an energetic, honest, conscientious, and bipartisan public servant, who understands fiscal, educational, social justice, health, and safety concerns. We have been fortunate to have her representing us, and I hope your readers will join me in re-electing Christine and her values-based leadership to our State Senate in November.

Nancy R. Leckerling