Saturday, September 26, 2020


Fighting for Us

Before Dave Rubino was living in Old Lyme, he was busy spreading American democratic ideals abroad as a human rights attorney. For example, Dave Rubino fought to eliminate human trafficking in oppressed and impoverished nations like Tajikistan. Before that, he worked in New York City representing the NAACP and the League of Women’s Voters to guarantee equal access to voting.

He has had a wonderful career around the world, but now he has moved to our small community and hopes to represent us in Hartford as a state representative. I say we give him a chance. Very few current representatives in Connecticut have a résumé like his, and even fewer are as committed to responding to COVID-19, advocating for women’s rights, and fighting for racial justice. We’d be lucky to have him fighting for us.

I encourage your readers to vote for Dave Rubino, the Democratic candidate for state representative in Connecticut’s 23rd District.

Lucy Marinelli