Tuesday, September 22, 2020


A Despicable Slandering

I feel compelled to write this letter in support of Eileen Banisch’s character and also to say how sad it is to see how political power-plays are wholesaling our values in Madison.

I have known Eileen Banisch for decades. Our relationship has grown from business to personal friend over the years. Eileen is much more than the executive director of the Madison Chamber. She is a loved and trusted member of our community and has been in service to all of us for the better part of 27 years. Her commitment to help and her dedication to the people and the businesses in Madison go way beyond the job: It comes from her heart.

One time I needed help and Eileen was just the person to tell me who in town was just laid-off and needed a job! Beyond that there are many other ways that she keeps all of us informed regardless of last name, religion, or color of the person.

Eileen has been a guest in my home many times. She’s always been respectful, fun, friendly, helpful, and interested in my family. The implications of anti-Semitism against Eileen are outrageous. As a member of the Jewish community in the shoreline, I can vouch that there is not one ounce of anti-Semitism in Eileen. An indiscreet, off-the-record joke does not prove anything nor does it define or cancel a person’s life. Calling a person anti-Semitic is a big deal! Name calling as part of a greater political agenda is just a despicable slandering when all else fails.

I would be amiss if I did express how disappointed I am in the cancel-culture pettiness and spitefulness using social media to spur character assassinations. This town’s values do not dispose of people with a proven record of service.

Laurie Friedler