Saturday, September 26, 2020


Available and Helpful

Due to recent storms, I, like many in Branford and across the state, recently lost my Internet/cable connection for days without resolution, even after power had been restored. Calls to my cable company failed to produce results, so I contacted State Representative Robin Comey (D-102) seeking help.

Representative Comey really did the trick. She was so responsive and quickly intervened with the cable company on my behalf. Her advocacy resulted in a cable repairer being sent to my home to fix the problem. I am convinced that her mediation was the necessary catalyst to get the job done.

I cannot thank her enough. It’s reassuring to know that my state representative is so available and helpful. In State Representative Robin Comey, your readers will find a champion for the people she represents, and an accessible facilitator for solving their problems.

I thank State Representative Comey. I look forward to voting for her again in November 2020.

Cheryl Abrams