Sunday, October 25, 2020


A Thin Blue Line

Here in Guilford your readers are fortunate to have the security that comes from living in a tranquil little town, in a nation of laws. Sadly we are living in frightening times with the marauding mob running wild across our nation, showing no respect for law and order and seemingly with tacit support from some local and national leaders.

While all this is going on police departments are being forced to stand down from their duty to protect people and property, and officers are subject to condemnation with promises to de-fund or abolish them.

With law enforcement being so denigrated, it would be surprising if their morale and motivation were not impacted, including here in Guilford. Who would want to be a police officer in these times? In light of all this challenge to the police and the rule of law, I would like to see an outpouring of support for our own Guilford PD.

While it’s hard to imagine such lawlessness in our town, we see all the BLM lawn signs popping up here, and the trouble in New Haven is only just down the street. We should not forget there is a thin blue line between us and chaos. I encourage everyone to honor Guilford’s police, and stay vigilant.

David Roberts