Sunday, September 27, 2020


All Called to Serve

The president has declared a national emergency. The governor has declared a state of emergency. Our town has declared a local civil preparedness emergency. We have all been reminded repeatedly about the importance of social distancing and thankfully most organizations and most people are heeding those suggestions. But as we hunker down, let’s ensure that social distancing does not lead to social apathy.

As we turn inward and take prudent measures to protect ourselves and our families, let’s not forget those who can’t take care of themselves. Many people in our community are homebound and rely on many services offered by state and local government for their daily needs. When these government sources are closed, as many are now, let us not forget our neighbors who rely on these services.

In our own way, we are all called to serve those in need. Let us all do what we can to help our neighbors in need during this time of uncertainty. In the practice of charity, I encourage your readers to check on our elderly neighbors and those who are vulnerable or have underlying health issues and offer help if they can. Every little bit helps, from buying groceries, prescription pickups, or even just a phone call or text to say hello.

As in Philippians Ch. 1: “Your struggle is my struggle.” We are all in this together and as Madison strong, we will get through it together!

Justin Murphy