Sunday, September 27, 2020


Exciting Times for Madison

We are blessed to live in such a beautiful, small New England town that offers such an abundance of charm and activities for its residents and visitors to enjoy. As we thoughtfully plan for our future, we need to continue to attract and retain people of all demographics to Madison. This is by no means a simple task and will require a lot of idea generation, planning, and bi-partisan collaboration.

This October, we will have two important referendum question posed to Madison voters. We urge all residents to learn about them. The first is the school facility plan, which will move us to a four-school model, build a new elementary school, and significantly enhance Brown and Polson schools. Here is the link to find out more information: The second is the proposed Academy Community Center design: (search Design Committee). Are they the perfect solution or silver bullet to solving all our town’s challenges? Absolutely not. However, these improvements to our town’s infrastructure could help to make a meaningful impact on our community in so many ways.

The Board of Selectmen has enjoyed numerous lively discussions regarding how and when to move forward with these projects. Should we move forward or stand still? We believe that it’s now time for the voters to decide.

These are exciting times for Madison. We encourage your readers to do their best to get informed and ask questions about these impactful projects, and if they can, get involved—engage in conversations with neighbors and make their own decision as to whether these projects will advance our town as a better place to live.

Selectman Al Goldberg (D)

Selectman Scott Murphy (D)