Sunday, September 27, 2020


Compassionate, Educated, and Involved

I think if we all got on the same page as a community, we could get more done. Placing blame and arguing over transparency and referendum dates is counterproductive.

I have spent many nights at Board of Selectmen (BOS) meetings and town meetings in Madison. I have to say there is more time spent on who is at fault, instead of trying to work together solving the community’s budget, needs, and wants. I see many letters to the editor with complaints and what-ifs, but our BOS and town meetings are poorly attended. I encourage your readers to come to the meetings, watch, listen, and learn.

We as a community will make much better collaborators and problem solvers because we have a vested interest in our town government working for us. When one becomes compassionate, educated, and involved with our community, we as Madison residents have the ability to create, preserve, and promote a healthy environment for all our families and residents of this charming town.

Roz Fahey