Sunday, September 20, 2020


Quite the Beautiful Destination

As a letter to Harbor News led to the naming of Old Saybrook’s first-ever poet laureate for life, I am further emboldened herein to suggest a sweeping, dramatic enterprise to increase public land for the enjoyment of countless future generations.

On behalf of historic Old Saybrook, why not approach the owner of Dock & Dine and request the donation of the property between mini golf and Gardiner’s Landing (for a sizable tax credit), for the establishment of a grander Saybrook Point Monument Park for posterity? The Department of Public Works could remove the remaining containers, equipment, concrete, and plumbing (under Department of Energy & Environmental Protection guidance), then landscape the entire area with paths and benches, trees, shrubs, and gardens.

It could be quite the beautiful destination, enhanced as it is by its proximity to the hotel, marina, and villas, for fresh-air seekers, strollers, dog-walkers, families, nature-lovers, tourists, vacationers, photographers, artists, and newlyweds for generations to come!

Nathan Wise
Old Saybrook