Sunday, September 20, 2020


When the Chief Speaks

I’d like to state facts about the fire at O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. earlier this month. This incident originated as a fire alarm, a type of call that some in this town have downplayed and questioned the need for adequate responses from the Fire Department. While en route to scene, multiple 911 calls came in. The incident was then upgraded to structure fire response, which resulted in additional apparatus being dispatched.

Engine 9 from Montowese Company 2, which the town recently decided to staff with career firefighters, arrived simultaneously with Engine 1. Both engines arrived on scene within seconds of each other, allowing an aggressive attack to occur, ultimately saving lives, property, and jobs at a company in North Haven that’s been in existence for decades.

Fire was showing through roof, which required one engine to immediately combat the fire while truck and rescue teams conducted a search and gain ladder access to the roof while the second engine established water supply, which is imperative to ensuring safe and efficient operations. Considering the type of building, which had hazardous materials present and potential for significant fire spread, a second engine arriving on scene so fast made a significant difference to the overall outcome of this incident.

This was made possible because of our Fire Chief Paul Januszewski’s foresight and the majority of fire commissioners. Chief Januszewski saw a need for a second, full-time staffed firehouse (Montowese) and the immediate need for a second tier of officers and captains. He went and fought to get it done; now it’s a success. That’s why when the chief speaks, everyone should listen.

The overall importance of this letter is to prove that we have an experienced chief and this is proof of his experience. We don’t need critics second-guessing and undermining him.

Peter J. Criscuolo, Jr.
North Haven