Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Truly Cares

Every now and then, you’re lucky to meet a person who really cares. First Selectman Tom Banisch is one of them. What does he care about? His beloved town of Madison and its people.

Roughly two years ago, I met a group of neighbors at a party where I live in the condominium complex Kensington North. Discussion was the condition of Lovers Lane. I put together a petition to present and scheduled a meeting.

Tom was courteous, gracious, and professional. We discussed the reasons for widening and paving. He agreed but gave no guarantee, except that he would look into it. Two weeks later, Tom was pleased to say he was able to incorporate it into the schedule for the fall. Explaining the most important reasons for his decision were the many elderly people at Kensington North and South, more so it would benefit everyone and it would be safer.

I know Madison realizes he’s a good man who truly cares about Madison and its people, but now is the time to show him.

Kevin Finucane