Tuesday, September 22, 2020


The Most Valuable Commodity

I moved to Linden Shores in 1993. I love the charm of the waterfront town. In these early years, my experience with politics solely focused around my physical therapy practice located in West Haven. Involvement with town entities for 31 years provides me with a working knowledge and active experience of regulations, rules, and protocols for compliance within each town to promote business growth helpful to contribute to funding town operations.

Professionally and personally, I champion causes for seniors, veterans, and the disabled. In 2016, I joined the residents concerned about the redevelopment of Parkside Village. The redevelopment continues to evolve because the citizens are using processes set up by local government to protect all residents and neighbors. During these years, I have met the most valuable commodity in Branford, the people, who are sincere, generous, and conscientious.

I believe the residents love each of their neighborhoods and the whole of the community. I accept the challenge to research and make decisions on all Representative Town Meeting (RTM) projects. My decisions will be based on facts.

Trust I will continue to be active in District 5 and bring our concerns forward. With honor and pride, I am running for District 5 RTM. I can win if we all vote. I encourage your readers to please support me and the entire Cosgrove for Branford team by voting Row B!

Carolyn Sires

Republican Carolyn Sires is seeking a seat on the RTM 5th District.