Friday, September 25, 2020


Great Perspective and Insight

Bill Cummings will be a thoughtful, fiscally prudent addition to the Westbrook Board of Finance. His impressive private-sector experience has provided him with the knowledge of how to successfully run a business while meeting achievable, agreeable budget goals. He has worked his way up to vice president at two successful Connecticut businesses. His business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit will provide a great perspective and insight when the Board of Finance crafts its budget. He is also used to collaborating with various parties and customers, so he would be able to, from day one, work with all of the Board of Finance members and serve the public’s needs.

It’s not every day we get candidates with such an extensive business background willing to volunteer for our local Board of Finance, so I believe it would serve Westbrook well to elect Bill. He will always be on the side of the taxpayer and will ensure Westbrook is fiscally responsible with our spending. I encourage your readers to elect him on Nov. 5!

Jon “Jay” Berardino