Saturday, September 26, 2020


Energetic, Independent, and Responsive

On Nov. 5, Democrats in North Haven have a chance to choose a new member of North Haven’s Board of Fire Commissioners. I support Jennie Caldwell, the endorsed candidate, and I encourage every Democrat in North Haven to vote for her.

Over the past few decades, Jennie has demonstrated her commitment to our town. She served on our Board of Education for six years, and in that position fought to involve the whole community in decision-making on important issues.

As a parent and community advocate, Jennie will bring a fresh perspective to the challenges that our fire and emergency services face. I know that she will listen to residents, career and volunteer firefighters, and fellow fire commissioners to cast informed votes in the best interests of the town. She’s smart, she asks tough questions, and she’s fair—just what we need in a fire commissioner.

Jennie will give us energetic, independent, and responsive representation on the Board of Fire Commissioners, and her experience and commitment to transparent town government will serve us well. I therefore encourage every Democrat in North Haven to join me in voting for Jennie Caldwell on Nov. 5.

Steve Fontana
North Haven