Friday, September 18, 2020


Collaborative, Passionate, and Proactive

It’s with great admiration that I support John DellaVentura for the Guilford Board of Education (BOE) on Nov. 5. A lifelong resident of Guilford, I have known John since his high school days. He excelled in the Guilford Public School system, is raising his family in the town he was raised in, and has been involved in numerous volunteer activities in Guilford. These experiences have given him the key insight and knowledge required for a seat on the BOE.

As vice president of the Guilford Land Conservation Trust, John plays an active role in motivating families through seasonal hikes to enjoy the natural beauty of our town’s open spaces. As a recent board member and president of The Guilford Center for Children, John gained firsthand experience of the collaborative relationship between a board and administrative staff, and spearheaded projects encompassing school safety, staff benefits, and organizational structuring. But most impressive to me, John founded and became president of Roots4Relief, a 501-c3 non-profit dedicated to empowering Guilford’s children to make a difference in our community. Created to involve children in philanthropy in their early years, Roots4Relief engages children in hands-on projects such as holiday bike drives, Habitat for Humanity builds, hurricane relief fundraising, and Earth Day town-wide cleanups.

He has done all of this while building a career as general manager of a well-respected technology integration firm, as well as serving as an active member on several advisory boards for industry manufacturers.

John is an inspiration to all who meet him and sets an example of community involvement that his family, friends, and colleagues look up to. He is strategic-thinking, collaborative, passionate, and proactive advocate of children. I encourage voters to add John DellaVentura as a breath of fresh air to this already phenomenal group of individuals on the BOE.

Michael Ayles

Democrat Michael Ayles is seeking re-election to the Board of Finance.