Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Insightful, Dedicated, and Passionate

Killingworth is extremely fortunate to have the unwavering commitment of Joel D’Angelo and Suzanne Sack, who serve currently on the Board of Education (BOE). It has been a privilege to work side by side with Joel and Suzanne as a fellow board member for the last two years. I know firsthand their contributions to the Board. They are smart, insightful, dedicated, and passionate to uphold the standards of the school district that we are so privileged to have in Killingworth. Their knowledge of the fundamental workings of the board is unparalleled when making well-informed decisions. The BOE requires a great deal of time. Suzanne and Joel have unselfishly given and will continue to give to our community as they navigate every decision to maintain and prosper as a school district.

Their level of integrity and devotion to this task is commendable and essential to the BOE. Suzanne has served for four years and Joel eight years. Both Joel and Suzanne have the strong desire to continue this critical work. It is rare to have this level of commitment. It is this commitment that is crucial to the work that the BOE continues to do.

With great transition, the need for loyalty and stability is imperative to the ongoing work of the Board of Education. I encourage all your readers to cast their votes for both Joel D’Angelo and Suzanne Sack on Nov. 5.

Eileen Blewett

Republican Eileen Blewett is seeking a seat on the Board of Selectmen.