Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Understanding and Appreciation

Our Police Commission in Old Saybrook was formed, in part, with the goal of fostering better public relations through providing understanding and appreciation of the role of our law enforcement officers. That goal has never been more important than it is in today’s society, where our officers are constantly asked to step outside of their traditional roles and duties of enforcing our laws.

Today, officers are expected to act as social workers, emergency management organizers, mediators, and even medical care providers. The job and its ensuing obligations, responsibilities, and expectations can take its toll on our officers.

Our Republican slate shows dedication to this cause, and is reflected in and by our proposed candidates. They are appreciative and supportive of the dedication, hard work, and integrity expected of and exhibited by our law enforcement officers. Our candidates are dedicated to the supportive environment and to providing the support services that our law enforcement officers need and, more important, deserve to do their job effectively.

Our candidates will respect their role by performing the proper level of checks and balances while supporting the life-saving missions Saybrook’s finest perform daily.

Kathryn J. Toolan
Old Saybrook