Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Common Sense, Attention to Detail

I’m writing this letter of support for my wife Eileen Blewett for selectman in Killingworth. As her husband, my support may not come as a surprise, but my position is not only that of a proud husband but also the person who knows best her dedication and hard work. Eileen currently serves on the Board of Education (BOE). After sending our four children through the district, K to 12, Eileen won a seat on the board in 2017. She spends hours each week devoted to BOE work because she believes in our outstanding school system while making sure our tax money is well spent. She is detail oriented, organized, and her dedication to our town and schools is tireless.

After our careful consideration, Eileen decided to run for selectman and join Francesco Lulaj’s bid for first selectman. In Francesco and his wife Cassandra we found a couple who share our family values and love of Killingworth. We share the passion for our town and the connections we have made through our families. We love our rural town and close community. Living near La Foresta, we watched Francesco build a successful business by focusing on quality and hard work.

Like many, we wondered how Francesco would have the time to be first selectman, but then we watched him passionately campaign and go door to door to meet everyone personally. At the same time, he turned over much of the restaurant responsibility to his brother so he could devote his energy to the town and eventually to the office of first selectman.

It is time for new leadership in Killingworth. I know the combination of Francesco’s passion and business sense combined with Eileen’s down-to-earth common sense and attention to detail will allow us to face the challenges of small-town Connecticut.

Todd Blewett