Tuesday, September 22, 2020


The Same Fear Tactics

Unfortunately, the East Haven Democratic Party is using the same fear tactics as its national party, trying their best to win an election.

In 2011, Tweed-New Haven Airport purchased 8.9 acres of town property for $1.5 million under the April Capone administration; party Democrats said nothing. Now, they’re campaigning against airport expansion. All of a sudden, the Democrats are campaigning against single-family homes that are proposed on the old D.C. Moore School property. The Democrats are campaigning against the affordable housing project on Sperry Lane that’s being applied for under the state’s 8-30g legislation that current Democratic Party Chairman and then-state representative James Albis supported. Why were they silent then and why are they protesting now?

Our Planning & Zoning Commission fought against the 8-30g affordable housing project on Strong Street for four years with numerous public hearings. Why didn’t East Haven Democratic Party speak out against the project? Because of then-governor Dannel Malloy and Albis pushing crazy laws down the throats of our residents.

In closing, when the Republicans win in East Haven, we will still be opposed to affordable housing as we have in the past, economic growth will continue, and the world won’t end in 12 years.

Peter T. Cianelli
East Haven