Thursday, January 27, 2022


Skills, Experience, and Fresh Perspective

There has been a lot of discussion recently about fiscal responsibility and a need to contain costs. The old labels of tax and spend for political purposes are easy to throw around but don’t tackle challenges or solve problems. We cannot continue with a budgeting philosophy of cost-avoidance, nor can we avoid the need to diversify our top line. As we are already experiencing, it will cost us more in the long run on many levels.

By working collaboratively with a shared vision and common purpose, I believe we can find a successful path that is financially prudent, but gets things done. As a former finance professional with an MBA from Wharton, I spent my career helping companies achieve their growth and investment objectives. Whether it’s tapping the capital markets or merging with another business, successful clients carefully weighed the benefits and risks of different options, picking a path best suited to a strategic need or investor goal. They also fully vetted the opportunity costs associated with inaction—a problem with which Madison is all too familiar.

I am also well versed with the many guardrails our town has in place to ensure budgets are handled responsibly, no matter who is sitting in the corner office. As a former member of our Board of Finance, I understand the crucial role of existing policies like maintaining adequate reserves, limiting debt service, and retaining our high quality credit rating (which we’ve held for many years across different administrations).

Whether we embrace progress or keep to the status quo is the choice being offered to Madison voters. I hope citizens will entrust me with the opportunity to use my skills, experience, and fresh perspective to lead our town with the right combination of meaningful change and fiscally responsible solutions.

Peggy Lyons

Peggy Lyons is the Democratic candidate for first selectman.