Friday, September 18, 2020


Joy, Drive, and Leadership

Our daughter, Tina Hedley is running for town clerk in the upcoming election. We want to inform voters about Tina so others can make the best decision for our great town.

Our names are Cindy and Michael Barrett and we have strong family roots in East Haven—Cindy owns a daycare in East Haven; Michael is a maintenance supervisor at a large, world-wide, metal recycler. We once owned an upholstery business. Cindy’s parents also owned a business in East Haven called Clothes Line, which some may remember from years ago. We’ve instilled hard-working roots with our children; they know the true meaning of success.

Tina is a self-starter and determined team-player. We saw Tina take on many tasks and roles and still have time to raise her boys with respect and heart-filled compassion like herself. Tina and Keith are hands-on parents, involved with Momauguin School PTO & are always lending a helping hand to others. We’ve witnessed Tina go above and beyond for families in need, especially during the holidays, even before her own needs were met. She has done so many acts of giving and kindness. This is a rare trait that we need more of.

Tina’s experience, work ethic, and love for information technology is what East Haven needs. We’ve seen her many times in the past stop what she’s doing to take IT calls from her employers and that’s it, she’s on the job until it’s complete. She’s transparent and honest! She’s great at critical thinking, troubleshooting, and delegating responsibilities and then brings it all together. Her passion for her work never goes unnoticed.

Let’s get Tina as town clerk so she can spread her joy, drive, and leadership skills. We support Tina Hedley for town clerk!

Cindy and Michael Barrett
East Haven