Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Obstructive, Dismissive, or Mute

Recent letters in support of re-electing our current first selectman Tom Banisch have me scratching my head. He has received compliments for transparency and communication as well as his efforts moving Madison forward. Having been a Madison resident for six years, I can’t say I have ever seen letters so inaccurately depict our current situation.

After years of deferred action on multiple fronts, Madison is at a crossroads and we desperately need to get the ball rolling. Our current first selectman has done nothing over two terms to improve our situation. On the most critical issues facing our town—beach safety and access, long-term school facilities planning, and creation of a municipal ethics commission—Tom Banisch has either been obstructive, dismissive, or mute.

As to communication, fluff pieces in The Source discussing the future of recycling are a weak substitute for actual transparency (especially since his position on banning plastic bags is unclear!). Does anyone know how we ended up with this beach access contract since Board of Selectmen as a whole did not approve it? Do we know if the current solution represents what the town forum requested? Do we know how much this debacle cost the town? That would be an update of value.

I love Madison and want our local leaders to succeed. If Mr. Banisch had actual successes, I would acknowledge those. At this point he does not merit praise, never mind re-election. Peggy Lyons has a background in finance and is committed to a collaborative approach to community leadership. She is extremely well spoken, approachable, and clearly has the skills necessary to take over this role. I encourage all Madison residents to vote for Peggy Lyons this November. These facts are not in dispute—she is our best chance for positive change.

Beth Skudder