Monday, January 18, 2021


Readers Deserve Transparency

In responding to Richard Poulton’s June 6 letter “Slinging Mud,” I am mindful and agree he is certainly entitled to his opinion of mayoral candidate Steven Tracey. And while I find Mr. Tracey a positive influence on politics in East Haven and a man with a very genuine story of business success, I do take issue with the lack of transparency in Mr. Poulton’s letter.

Mr. Poulton is the treasurer for one of the opposition candidates for mayor [Republican Sal Maltese]. He and the Courier have an obligation to disclose his public campaign position. His letter would suggest he is just an interested citizen with a distinct criticism of Mr. Tracey and his positive style and effective leadership. Fair enough, and while I completely disagree with his view, I understand and agree he has a right to his opinion. But again, he does the reading public a disservice by not identifying his public role in the opposition campaign.

The readers of your newspaper all deserve transparency. That’s what I believe we can all expect from Mr. Tracey. And it’s a major reason why I support him in his quest to run of great town.

Leonard F. Inzitari
East Haven

Editor’s note: The Courier’s policy is to identify campaign officials when we are aware of that status.