Sunday, September 27, 2020


Women Are Still Struggling

Women have a lot to lose in this election. Yes, we can celebrate the coming 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920, but how far have we really come? Recent events in national news are a cogent awareness of this. While the women’s suffrage amendment gave women the right to vote, women are still struggling against a political agenda that works against them and is focused on minimizing the power they have over their own lives, indeed, their own bodies.

As women in our Valley towns, we collectively encourage women voters to use their power in this election and vote like their lives depend on it. There is no hyperbole in this statement. Women face the loss of enormous gains made by the courageous women before them who fought for their rights. Legislation passed in recent years protects women’s health and reproductive rights, offers protection on sexual harassment in the workplace, establishes guidelines for sexual assault cases on college campuses, and attempts to protect women in domestic violence situations where there are firearms. These laws were enacted, sadly, because they were necessary. They protect our wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters. They protect all those who may not have the voice to protect themselves.

Yes, this is local. The candidates we elect will determine policy on the state level that will either protect our rights or take them away. Democrats Norm Needleman, and Christine Palm are progressive candidates and proven advocates for women. We encourage your readers to vote this election to protect women’s rights. The women’s vote has boundless power in this election, but only if we use it. We should vote like our lives depend on it.

Elizabeth Thompson

Jane Cavanaugh
Deep River

Caroline Miller

Sheila Myers

Candace Konrad