Sunday, September 20, 2020


Little to No Safe Space

Traffic along Route 146 in Indian Neck has not slowed down for a pandemic. There is a heavy volume all week but that is easily doubled on the weekends. There is a stop sign at the fork of South Montowese Street and Indian Neck Avenue that is merely just a roll-through for most drivers. Several weeks ago a neighbor was struck by a car crossing this street. This horrendous accident was a direct result of volume and speed on this busy route.

The proposed developments of Tidal Basin and Mariner’s Landing along with the proposed Parkside Village development will increase volume in traffic on an already over burdened route with little to no safe space for the frequent bike riders, runners, and recreational walkers. The developers of the three projects have hired experts to study the traffic and all concluded it will have little impact. On paper, in theory, perhaps not. In real life however how can it not?

This tiny village of Indian Neck along scenic and historic Route 146 is not a thoroughfare or highway. In my opinion, the last time this route was successful in accommodating safe mass transit was when the trolley ran!

Jennifer Ryan