Friday, December 04, 2020

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Garden Club of Madison's Native Plant Walk now in bloom at the Deacon John Grave House


Unexpectedly nestled in the heart of downtown Madison is the Native Plant Walk, located on the Boston Post Road on the east side of the Deacon John Grave House. It is one of several gardens planted and maintained by the Garden Club of Madison.The shaded walkway is a place of quiet and beauty, so needed in this difficult time. It encourages a leisurely stroll or sitting on the bench to enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The garden awakens in the spring with the blooming of many shade-loving wildflowers, including beautiful red and white Trilliums, Virginia Bluebells and the speckle-leafed Trout Lily; last two varieties are spring ephemerals that completely disappear after blooming. Later flowering plants include solomon's seal, dollís eyes (baneberry) and wild ginger with its very small blossoms near ground. For help in identification, individual plants are labeled, and there is a box at the front of the path listing the Latin and common names of all of the plants. The end of the woodland path leads to another Club project, the beautiful perennial garden behind the DJG House. Other gardens are situated at the Veterans Memorial Garden, East Wharf Circle Seaside Gardens and the Bauer Park Organic Garden. Garden Club members are committed to educating themselves and the public to the importance of using native plants in our gardens. Native plants provide many benefits to our environment and are essential to the existence of birds, bees, and other pollinators. The Club encourages all gardeners to consider including these plants in their own gardens.

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