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09/08/2022 12:40 PM

Sears Excited to Start Tenure as Morgan’s Athletic Director

Meagan Sears is excited to be joining the Huskies’ sports family as the new Athletic Director at The Morgan School. A Clinton resident, Meagan previously spent 10 years at Haddam-Killingworth High School, where she served as head of the physical education department and also coached both field hockey and lacrosse. Photo courtesy of Meagan Sears

On the heels of a satisfying career of playing, coaching, and gaining an overall appreciation for sports, Meagan Sears is beginning her tenure as the new Athletic Director at The Morgan School this year. Meagan, a Clinton resident, is joining the Morgan athletic program following a 10-year stint as a member of the physical education staff and a coach at Haddam-Killingworth High School. Most recently, Meagan served as the Director of Athletics for Montville High School and at Leonard J. Tyl Middle School in Oakdale last year.

The timing was right for Meagan to pursue her new position as Morgan’s Athletic Director. Meagan loved holding that role in Montville and Oakdale and felt like she was ready to give back to a shoreline area where her career took shape. Meagan has emphasized leadership, communication, and teamwork throughout her career. Now, she’s ready to see all of those attributes on full display as a member of the Huskies’ sports family.

“Being an AD is the best of all worlds for me. My worlds are colliding. I was definitely very passionate about pursuing administration,” says Meagan. “I had some fantastic role models and leaders in the schools that I worked in that lit the fire for me. I saw how unique and amazing those opportunities are. To be part of that process is really what fueled me.”

Meagan’s passion for both sports and administration flourished as she began her undergraduate studies at Springfield College in 2007. Meagan played field hockey and lacrosse while earning her bachelor’s in Movement and Sports Studies at the school. After graduating, Meagan began working at Haddam-Killingworth as a physical education teacher and an assistant coach with the Cougars’ field hockey and girls’ lacrosse teams. Meagan became the head coach for lacrosse in 2015 and took over as the head coach of field hockey in 2017.

“Coaching for 10 years, it’s not the longest tenure as a coach, but you do see a lot of changes in students, policies, and dynamics within schools, districts, and communities. Within that 10 years, it really helped me as a person,” Meagan says. “I was able to reflect on my own practices and implement things to make some positive changes in the programs I was a part of.”

Meagan got a taste of top-tier competition while coaching at H-K, guiding both the field hockey and lacrosse teams into the State Tournament multiple times. During the latter portion of her tenure, Meagan served as the head of the physical education department. Holding that position helped Meagan learn many integral leadership skills that she’s now bringing with her to Morgan.

Meagan earned her master’s in Exercise Science and Health Promotion at California University of Pennsylvania in 2016. She then dove into multiple internships as an administrative intern at both H-K and John Winthrop Middle School in Deep River, while continuing her coaching and teaching career at H-K. Last year, Meagan left both positions at H-K to serve as the Director of Athletics at Montville High School.

All of Meagan’s experiences through the years have put her in a great position to succeed as the Athletic Director at Morgan. Meagan knows what type of leader she is and feels that she’s bringing some valuable assets to a devoted group of Huskies.

“I always try to remain positive. I’m a collaborator,” says Meagan. “I’m definitely somebody who likes to listen. I work really well with others, and that is definitely the culture of the school and the community here.”

Hildie Heck, the Athletic Director at Old Lyme High School, has known Meagan for several years. Like Meagan, Heck is an alum of Springfield College and has been a colleague of hers within the Shoreline Conference. Heck has watched Meagan grow into a one-of-a-kind leader and feels that her experience and skills are going to prove highly beneficial in her new role at Morgan.

“I have always known Meagan to go above and beyond in every aspect of her duties and repeatedly willing to lend a hand no matter the situation,” Heck says. “Meagan always displays a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. Meagan has earned a reputation as a hard-working, trustworthy individual who strives to excel.”

During her career as a field hockey and lacrosse player at Longmeadow High School in Massachusetts, Meagan suffered a setback that changed her perspective on facing challenges. Meagan tore both her ACL and MCL in her junior season of lacrosse, forcing her to make a decision if she wanted to call a halt to her career or battle through and make a comeback. By choosing the latter, Meagan showed her willingness to overcome obstacles. Ultimately, Meagan worked hard to return to the field to compete in college.

“I used that as a defining moment. It’s one of those things that I try to instill in the students that I work with,” Meagan says. “You’re going to always be facing challenges. It’s an opportunity to learn, grow, develop, and become even better on the other end of it.”

One of the most rewarding aspects of Meagan’s career is when she gets to reconnect with former students. Through her decade of teaching physical education at H-K, Meagan got to meet the majority of the students enrolled at the school. Meagan loves seeing her students grow up, mature, and live their lives outside the walls of their high school. Meagan cherishes the moments when she sees those people out and about in the community.

Beyond the desire to continue building Morgan’s already-strong athletic program, Meagan also wants to foster the overall development of the Huskies’ student-athletes. Meagan knows how athletics can play a major role in teaching people life lessons. Meagan wants those lessons to be the most important takeaway that Morgan’s athletes hold on to from their time in high school.

“I’m here for the kids. I want to see them grow and develop into individuals who can give back to our society beyond their high school years,” says Meagan. “I’m trying to help develop them into young adults. To me, it’s more about seeing the success of the kids that I was a part of their journey.”