December 9, 2019
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Sheryl Serviss and the Reds surged into first place in the standings after enjoying a great week of play in Deep River Horseshoe League action. File photo by Kelley Fryer/The Courier

Sheryl Serviss and the Reds surged into first place in the standings after enjoying a great week of play in Deep River Horseshoe League action. (File photo by Kelley Fryer/The Courier | Buy This Photo)

Red-Hot Week for First Place Reds in Deep River Horseshoe League

Published Jun 28, 2019 • Last Updated 08:04 am, June 28, 2019

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Some teams atop the standings in the Deep River Horseshoe League created a bit of breathing room last week. The Reds leapfrogged a handful of squads to take sole-possession of first place, while the Royals held onto second place. Meanwhile, the Astros fell to third place in the standings, just a half-game ahead of the fourth place.

The Pirates’ Kris Toohey of the A Division led all players this week with a game-high score of 156. Mike Zanelli Sr. of the Rangers claimed second with a score of 146, while the Yankees’ Mark Goodale came in third place, pitching a tally of 141.

Mike Zanelli Jr. of the Dodgers and Dennis Goodrich of the Red Sox both took the top spot in the B Division with a score of 106 this week. Meanwhile, Cody Layton of the White Sox took third place with a score of 104.

As for the C Division, the Rangers’ Brian Walsh grabbed first place with a score of 96. David Atkinson of the White Sox took the second highest score of 82. Earning the third highest score in the division was Joe Machado of the Royals with game total of 71.

In the league standings, the Reds charged into first place with their record of 38.5-15.5, and the Royals are in second place at 37-17. The Astros slid to third place with a record of 33.5-20.5, while the Mets are right behind them at 33-21. The White Sox are holding onto fifth place at a 33-21.

As for the rest of the standings: Yankees (32-22), Pirates (30-24), Tigers (29.5-24.5), Angels (28-26), Braves (28-26), Cubs (27.5-26.5), Rangers (27-27), Red Sox (26.5-27.5), Marlins (24-30), Orioles (23-31), Dodgers (22.5-31.5), Cardinals (22-32), Giants (18.5-35.5), Padres (18-36), and Indians (8.5-45.5).

The Deep River Horseshoe League has 20 teams that feature three players of each of the A, B, and C divisions. The league plays every Thursday night on the First Congregational Green in Deep River and welcomes anyone to come watch its contests. For info, visit

Information courtesy of Deep River Horseshoe League

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