Saturday, July 24, 2021

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‘Tis the Season for Less Stress with Branford Hills Homecare Services

Do you remember being scared on your first day of high school, at your new job, when you got married, or had a child? Everyone passes through uncertain life phases and needs others to lend support. As the elderly approach a different season in their lives, Branford Hills Homecare Services (BHHS) is there to help with homemakers and companions. People assume that these services are only for the sick, or those incapable of caring for themselves. However, it's the extra help that BHHS provides in a client's own home that makes a big difference in their lives and gives family members peace of mind when they can't be there.

Our local caregivers can do light housekeeping, laundry, and meal planning and prep, and provide transportation and personal care assistance. However, it is the one-on-one companionship and caring that the BHHS staff focuses on, which helps the whole family.

People are living longer, healthier lives, and accepting assistance eliminates stress and frees up the client to enjoy each day. Participation in activities increases socialization and a more positive state of mind. Having a professional there who shows respect for a loved one also allows them to pick up on behavioral changes, possible health issues, and ensure their safety.

In 1984, Charles Shelton, who founded Branford Hills Health Care Center, the shoreline's renowned skilled nursing facility, also identified the need to create BHHS.

"Our mission is to maintain, promote, and enhance the quality of life for our clients in their own home and to enrich and stimulate their independence to help ensure they remain in their own surroundings for as long as practically possible," says Shelton.

Donna Carlson, who assesses client needs and determines care plans, enthusiastically says that since BHHS is privately owned, and works with the Agency On Aging, it can customize services for each individual. You can find BHHS caregivers assisting clients at weddings and events, or baking cookies with them in the comfort of home.

"A nanny cam is great technology to install in the home to see obvious issues, but nothing can replace the face to face interaction our people provide in this new season of life," says Carlson.

This information was provided by Branford Hills Homecare Services of Branford. For more information or for a free in-home assessment, visit or call 203-488-7544.

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