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Raising the Bar for Beauty Professionals

Life moves us each in different directions. Tina Gilbert's career story starts with her as a project manager, a marketing professional, and then a new mom. Side consulting then brought forward a new opportunity of owning an import business in the beauty industry with a focus on hand, nail, and skin care.

LCN USA, Inc,, ; imports quality German professional beauty products used in the salon for services. The staff trains beauty professionals on application techniques and service rituals that allow the professional beautician to offer industry unique services. But Gilbert never would've guessed that her own mother would get an ailment from a service in her new industry.

"A pedicure gone wrong manifested itself into a blood infection that almost took her from us," says Gilbert. "Today as a senior, my mom continues to live with the side effects of that poor, unsanitary service. This drove and continues to drive me and our business in a new direction."

It was clear to Gilbert that they needed to work to correct the wrongs in the industry where they could. Gilbert shifted LCN's focus to training its professionals on how to create clean, aseptic work environments using medical grade materials to ensure clean, healthy services for clients. But she found it difficult to affect change when the state didn't even require a license for nail technicians or estheticians.

Because of the efforts of many industry professionals, Connecticut now joins all other states in having licensing requirements for nail technicians and estheticians beginning in 2020. This is a start in ensuring the technicians that you are relying on for services are trained on a base level of hygiene.

But, also beginning in 2020, in her drive to insure that she helps to raise the industry bar, Gilbert is launching the River Valley Esthetics Institute, dedicated to offering a premier education alternative, the first of its kind in Connecticut, to young high school graduates as well as adults seeking to renew themselves through second careers.

"Our goal at RVEI is to raise the bar of education to create the most prepared, qualified, and career-oriented professionals who through their selected education will leave the Institute superiorly trained and ready for a fulfilling career as a beauty professional," says Gilbert.

LCN with its quality line of beauty products, treatment rituals, and post-graduation workshops will provide the graduates and working professional with a known and respected product line with which to work in delivering premium services throughout their careers.

"Come visit us at the River Valley Esthetics Institute and learn about our programs or to receive a service from one of our students or from one of our company professionals in our LCN Beauty Lounge," invites Gilbert. "And gift certificates for services and retail beauty products are available."

This information was provided by River Valley Esthetics Institute, located at 6 Winter Avenue, Deep River. For more information, visit or call 860-866-2457.

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