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Planning for the Worst May Be Best for Your Family

The staff at Porto Funeral Home understands that losing a loved one is never easy. Porto's caring and experienced professionals offer to support you through a difficult time with compassionate care and the finest facilities in New Haven County.

When a family avoids having the difficult and emotional conversations of planning for such loss, grieving can be made all that much worse when it is compounded with settling an estate, planning a funeral, and carrying out their lost one's wishes. Porto Funeral Home, with locations in East Haven and West Haven, suggests how planning ahead can offer you and your family peace of mind.

Benefits of Planning Ahead

Planning your funeral arrangements in advance can offer you and your family several benefits:

Emotional Benefits

More time to consider your options:

You and your family will have time to research your options and make well-informed decisions, without feeling rushed.

A sense of accomplishment:

You'll feel good knowing that these arrangements have been taken care of.

Fewer family concerns:

Your surviving family members will have less to worry about in the event of your death.

Financial Benefits

The option to prepay:

When you prepay, you can lock in today's prices. Porto's funeral director will explain each payment method and investment option available and will help you make a decision that best suits you and your family.

Your family keeps more:

When you prepay, your estate will owe nothing on funeral expenses. More of your assets and life insurance proceeds will go directly to your family.

Save the amount you need:

Once you gain an understanding of all the costs involved, you can earmark a portion of your savings to cover those costs.

Fewer last-minute expenses:

When you plan in advance, your family is less likely to incur additional expenses at the time of the funeral.

This story was provided by Porto Funeral Home, located at 234 Foxon Road in East Haven and 830 Jones Hill Road in West Haven. To request more information regarding preplanning/pre-arrangement, or to begin the preplanning process, please call 203-934-5000 or 203-467-3000, or visit www.portofuneralhomes.net.

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