Tuesday, December 07, 2021

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Be Floored at Your Floors

Nantucket Custom Flooring is one of the most sought-after and well-established names in the wood flooring industry. The company's services are proven as unrivaled in both quality and exceptional value for your money.

Specializing in both commercial and residential jobs, from single rooms to the most intricate flooring projects, Nantucket Custom Flooring's clients include architects, interior designers, and private clients from all over. The staff offers total commitment and passion to their customers, which builds the kind of results you simply can't find anywhere else. With more than 50 years of combined knowledge, the staff will help you decide what flooring is the best for your needs.

Nantucket Custom Flooring solutions are versatile enough to suit any taste and environment, as it offers an array of popular flooring types, guaranteed to have the perfect solution for any project you entrust to its team. As materials and options in flooring continue to multiply, Nantucket is ready to help.

"We can provide any type of wood flooring that is in existence," says ??? "And our team thrives on challenges and our accomplishments. Nothing matters more than a happy client."

Nantucket Custom Flooring strives for quality flooring jobs, quality customer service, and an open communication between staff and the client.

Nantucket Custom Flooring is proud to be a full-service flooring provider, from installation to sanding and finishing; refinishing existing wood floors, and helping you with the multitude of choices along the way. Flooring solutions range from elegant hardwoods to luxury vinyl and eco-friendly options such as reclaimed woods, bamboo, and cork flooring.

This information was provided by Nantucket Custom Flooring, located at 1 Research Drive, Branford. For more information, visit nantucketcustomflooring.com or call 203-208-0465.

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